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New built extension in Broadway market London.

The building is within the Broadway market conservation area. The front elevation is victorian and consistent with most of the rest of the street. The rear part of the building dates from around 10 years ago and is unusually modern in appearance. The proposed roof extension would not affect the street elevation, and would be visible only from an oblique angle over the adjacent two storey building. We would build up the party wall shared with the lower building by approximately 300 mm to the height shown on the planning consent from 1998, which appears not to have been done. The extension would be set back from this party wall, to minimise the visual impact on the street. From the rear the extension would be more visible, therefore we propose to match the modern aesthetic of the existing building at the rear. Proposed plans, sections, and elevations will show that an apparently small extension to the roof would create the accommodation our client requires. The external finish would be white painted render, to match the main part of the building at the rear. The new windows and door will be white power coated to match the facade. The new flat roof would be finished with a sedum type green roof system. There would be sloping roof glazing to the rear. The front part of the roof terrace would remain unaltered expect the balustrade behind the front parapet which will be pulled back further in order to minimise the views of terrace when in use. The proposed roof extension is be set back from the front parapet and is contained mainly to the rear of the roof. It is modest in size, 15m2 internal area, and would not detract from the appearance of the conservation area. The internal layout complies with the minimum room standard stated in Supplementary Planning Guideline 1. In order to minimise energy use, the proposed extension will have natural ventilation, passive solar design, vegetation on building, and living roof.